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From 'a' meaning 'without' and 'arch' meaning rulers plus mammarianism. In other words mammarianism without rulers. Rulers are taken as the state. The term 'mammarianism' refers to the practice of breast-feeding, and general support of the practice so that children can more easily be bonded with their mother and grow to be more intelligent and seek less to initiate violence and a better society might flourish because of this.
Anarcho-mammarianism would be like now but without breast prohibition hence without feminism; without taxes hence without low wages and economic underperfomance; without the state hence without war; without a hesitancy to free the ta tas thus a happier society all around. Anarcho-mammarianism focuses on extending personhood to children ( starting with proper nourishment and bonding ), as was done in the past with minorities and women.
by AnCappinSophistsWithTruth September 21, 2014
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