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~An over enthusiastic lateral wiping motion of the anal aperture (post-soil) which results in lower wrist being polluted with winnets (see winnet).

~The continuation of toilet paper to sleeve whilst wiping ones rear, resulting in a contaminated cuff ”
“Ah man that guy stinks, think he analgrazed earlier this morning”

“Whats that brown mark on that guys sleeve?”
“Ah you’ll have to watch him, he’s an analgrazer”

"Why does he always wear brown shirts?"
"He anal grazes often"

Mother potty training 'Oliver Junior'~

Oliver Junior Says:

"Mummy whys my wrist brown?"

Mother responds:

"Ah sweet pea, its ok, we all analgraze at the beginning, its a learning curve"
by Grozzzz March 29, 2011
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