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When a man simply bust an extreme amount of semen in another mans b-hole that is such a large amount that it is too much for the anal canal to handle that it slowly oozes out of the receivers sphincter. The man who did the nut busting then gets on his knees and lets it drip on his face as if he is putting his mouth under a slurpee despenser and letting it run down his chest.
Yo Barry Bareback did you check out Timmy Tight Buns extreme Anal Slurpee last night?? Lets just say he let the dogs out on Henry Hairy Hole.
by Brigham Lee June 13, 2006
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An anal slurpee is when during the course of anal intercourse you urinate in someones anus.... After which you take in a spooned slurpee straw and insert it into the anus...With the spoon end of the straw in the anus you scrape fecal matter off of the colon walls and miz it around with the urine and *sllllllluuuuuuuurrrrrrrpppppp* Drink it up while its nice and slushy
Dude, That anal slurpee was better then the new mountain dew slurpee
by ThreeGNinja April 10, 2005
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