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After a man anal creampies a chick, the chick gets down on all fours and points her asshole in the air. The chick then convulses her asshole with the pressure of 1,000 atmospheres so as to shoot the cum back out her ass and into the air in a majestic display of cum, shit chunks, blood, and beauty. This act is reminiscent of 'Old Faithful' erupting.
Larry: "Dude I'm quitting my job as a porn camera man."

Lawrence: "Why man? It's a sweet gig"

Larry: "I had to film an anal geyser scene today and got splattered by the spray. That's the 3rd pair of clothes I've had ruined this week because of anal geysers... It was majestic though."
by the_fatrix69 July 16, 2010
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