When you are fucked raw, so hard his dick gets stuck in your ass never to be seen again, until you spontaneously combust because you can't shit.
"Wow, I want him to kill me with the anal death."

I can't think of another example...
by Personwhosbored July 9, 2018
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A sex toy that literally rips your ass hole apart

"That toy ripped my ass hole like the Death Star hitting Alderaan" said the dirty girl
That anal Death Star destroyed my booty hole with one blast oh it hurt but was so satisfying
by shovel breaker October 26, 2017
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Where you jab your hand up someone else's ass, but then, quickly forming your hand into a fist before it hits the anus. The resulting impact kills the person instantly. Ideal for a KO move.
Inspired by the term "anal death punch" and the band "Five Finger Death Punch" (an amalgamation of each phrase).
*InsertNameHere* gives person B a five finger anal death punch. B drops dead almost immediately.
by jedarus May 15, 2009
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