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Anaciel is the most perfect girl you can ask for, she has a lot of felling for other people, she get depressed more than usual, you should tell her you thankful to have her in your life before it's to late.
Anaciel is funny and trustworthy
by Angela Salas July 14, 2018
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They tend to be smart and trust people on looks and personality they will look you in the eyes when you are talking were there hair down most of the time and like to talk about there home life. When they are at school they tend to get shy. They don't like players or fakes. They like music and they will be nice to you and they are strong and never give up on themselves. They care so much about other people and put other people frist instead of themselves. They are trustworthy and friendly. Don't want to be mean they will be mean back. They like true love and is more fragile being in love.
Anaciel pick up the book off the floor that fell off her desk in class.
by hi yo he October 24, 2018
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