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A hybrid word conjoining the words amaze and disgust. Used to describe something that elicits both the feelings of amazement and disgust, simultaneously.

"It is incredibly amusting to me when I catch my dog eating the cat shit out of the litter box."


Man (in kitchen): "Honey, I need your help, hurry!!!"

Woman (upstairs): "Okay, I'm coming!!" She hurries down the stairs to aid her husband before an apparent disaster occurs.

The man quietly and calmly sits at the kitchen table.

Woman: "Well what the hell did you call me down here for?"

Man: "Can you grab me another brew, babe?"

Woman: "You amust me." She turns and silently walks up the stairs.


"It never ceases to amust me how Taco Bell smells the same when it's coming out as it does when it's going in!"
by Lady Em March 18, 2014
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