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At first glance Amron is usually quiet and not very outgoing, but once you get the chance to get to know her she becomes energetic, loud, and easy-going. Shes beautiful, kind, and worth awhile. She tends to go by the rule of fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me. Do her wrong and you'll never forget it. She's usually a secret goth chick but to ashamed to show it. Shes Hella trustworthy and can keep a secret to the grave.
Amron is very photogenic and can take people's breathe away with her natural beauty.
by That real bitch June 03, 2019
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The most beautiful,hyptnotizing ,sweet,forgiving,loving woman .Once you know her she will be your favorite person ,you will fill drawn to like a strong magnetic force.
amron, is an amazing photographer !
by lezbhnst December 19, 2016
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Those two people who act like one old married couple at school
Amron is the best ship ever. The two friends in your friend group who are secretly an old married couple
by plalexstanner June 08, 2018
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