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Amiex was a Commodore Amiga Bulletin Board System (BBS) Software in the 80s and 90s to grand access to a computer system through a phone line with a modem. It was mostly used by Warez Groups / Release Groups (a hacker subculture) to trade copy protection removed software. Amiex was abbroviated /X within the scene. Most of the groups used /X to manage and administrade their members, upload, and downloads. /X provded a System Password (SPW) and a New User Password (NUP), with which outsiders could not enter the system without knowing a member inside. It was a command-line-operated environment and therefore not very user friendly for which reason it was favorized by the scene members. It was more likely an elite system for core members of the scene. Nowadays the Release Groups use FTP-Sites to swap their software. Amiex is still being used through Telnet mostly by older groups (like Fairlight, Razor1911) and also for nostalgic reasons.

Another very famous BBS software was Fame.
If you are scene, you either use amiex or fame or go home.
by rmsn August 28, 2010
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