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The act of growing an epic beard, wearing a hat, and committing a drive-by barn raising. As original gangsta as you can get.
Judge: "You sir are convicted of amicide in the 3rd degree, how do you plead?"

Plaintiff: "That MF rolled up on my turf, ain't got no idea who he was rubbin the wrong way, so me and a couple of my boys got in our buggies, and rolled deep on his shit. He got barns all up in his grill now. Amicide is right! 25 to life."
by Plasma Wolf December 13, 2010
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A subgroup of homicide; the act of killing a friend.
1. I was sick of them poking me on Facebook, so I committed mass amicide.
2. John Smith wanted his friend's watch so bad, he committed amicide.
by Gamer Eevee December 18, 2016
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