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Amherst High School is a low budget school made for people who drop out before they are even a Sophomore. Vape in the bathroom is the most popular thing, everyone will ask you for dip as soon as you mention anything about Copenhagen or god forbid Grizzly. Everyone is either a complete thot, drug abuser, nerd, band nerd, emo, or a fuck boy. Amherst High School is a 2/10 wouldn't get gum cancer again.
Amherst High School gay
by JerkMeJerkMeNow July 24, 2018
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A school full of fake people. Most girls are orange, has small tits, no ass, and is just as much a whore as any girl they've talked shit about. Most guys are douchebags, going to eventually dropout, has huge gauges, does any kind of drug they can get their hand on, and probably will never get a decent, respectable job. Despite the epic fail for a football team, people are still proud of it, and players talk like their shit doesn't stink. A place where drugs fly around about as much as rumors do. If you like to jump on the Fucktard Bandwagon, Amherst High School is the place for you.
Fag A: "Did I just see an Oompa Loompa?"

Fag B: "Naw, just some girl from Amherst High School."
by crabsarebadman February 16, 2012
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One of the worst schools to go to. Based on its ridiculous amount of Unnecessary drama and sexual behavior. basically if you like dropping dome and smoking pot this is the place to be. the teachers are ridiculous while only an assorted few are chill kiddos. there is a lot of fighting bassed on myspace abilities and who is going to pick up the lunch chair. amherst is a bunch of classless scum but if you enjoy partying life away THIS IS THE PLACE FOR YOU.
sara goes to amherst high school she must be a slut.
by helloreality February 02, 2009
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