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A super Earthy-sounding name. This chick has probably dabbled with Wicca just to see if it fit her anti-organized religion paradigm. If you need someone to crochet a king-sized afghan in under four hours for the leader of the local Separatist Feminist movement group, Amerisa is your go-to gal. Amerisas are generally cat lovers, and many have timid Calicoes named “Hymen.” Because she wears her womb on her sleeve, Amerisas are more likely to have Women and Gender Studies degrees. If you need to borrow black eye shadow, an organic granola bar, or a pre-made picket sign where the word “women” is spelled “womyn,” you should have Amerisa on speed dial.
“What’s that girl’s name? The one in the red fuck me pumps?”

“I’m not sure, but I know it isn’t Amerisa.”
by mpmaupin January 10, 2012
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