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Asian FOB’s (Fresh Off the Boat) primarily carry strong family values and are hard workers. They know the beauty and the importance of their culture and its ancestry.
But sometimes FOB’s fall victim to the worst ways of the American culture and life style rather than the good parts and become Americanized, thus losing their hard working nature, their selflessness, and their love for the traditional family values.

Once a FOB has been Americanized there is no turning back. ‘Selflessness’ becomes SELFISHNESS. The once beautiful ‘Hard Working Nature’ becomes laziness.

Traditional Family Values’ are often lost into the oblivion of desire for material wealth and the yearning to lose their “FOB-ness” through slang English words, listening to only American music, and disregarding the coolness of their cultural heritage.
Jenny Yoon: “That song by Ice Cube is off da hook!”
Delroy: “I’m glad you like Ice Cube and other Black music. But can you enlighten me about some Korean musicians and singers?”

Jenny Yoon: “Hell naw! I don’t listen to that ching-chong shit.”
Delroy: “Oh, I thought most Asians have an appreciation for their culture.”

Jenny Yoon: “Well, your Black culture is way cooler than mine. Hip Hop is gold, baby!”
Delroy: “Jenny, isn’t your real name Jung-hye Yoon?”

Jenny Yoon: “Yeah, but I changed my name to Jenny cuz it’s just easier. I’ve been in da states for like 3 years now.”

Delroy: “Oh, I see. So, you’re an Americanized Asian FOB. How many boyfriends have you had since you’ve been here?”

Jenny Yoon: “I lost count. I think I’ve had like 12 boyfriends.”
by Black Brotha for Humanity December 30, 2009
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