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When our age group was being drafted for military duty in the late '60s many if not most of our peers were able to evade the draft with college exemptions or psych exemptions or going to Canada. Many of them claimed they were too peaceful and loving to be able to become soldiers, but they typically dropped their hippy facade when the war was finally over. Those of us who did submit to the draft referred to these people as American Chickens, and we referred to the peace sign which many of them sported as The Track of the American Chicken. The Vietnamese communists were indeed sneaky killers and chances of being killed were high for draftees. These dirty gooks were determined to kill us for communism and they had heavy duty backing from Russian and Chinese commies so we really didn't blame the American Chickens for wanting to stay out of it.
Bob: You're about my age, Frank; so what did you do during the war to the death with international communism in the late '60s?
Frank: I was one of the American Chickens.
by pamschel September 22, 2010
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