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Christened in 2007 by Pickles, the American Sip is the act of consuming vast amounts of alcohol in a single period without breathing. A liken to chugging, American Sippage is a way to super pass alcohol into the system. It is a two step process:

1. Open Bottle.
2. Relax throat muscles let the alcohol flow down.

It should be noted that the period of drinking alcohol must last longer than 15 seconds. Furthermore, the American sip only applies to liquor: think Jack Daniel's, Whiskey, Bourbon, Scotch, Captain Morgan, Tequila, Vodka.

It should also be noted the feminine version is called American Sipe.
1. Holy shit James just American Sipped fucking Jack Daniel's... TWICE! Like that took a good chunk out of the 26er.

2. Edwin clutched the bottle of Captain Morgan's, and standing with the strength of a thousand alcoholics, performed the American Sip, knocking the 40.oz bottle from half full to quarter in a single blow.

3. Cameron instinctively grabbed a bottle of Scotch from the dresser, and in an instant, and with the power of alcoholism, American Sipped the bottle out of this reality.

4. "I betcha that's water," Bob said to Jim.

Jim, "I betcha watch this!" and in one American Sip, the mickey of Smirnoff went from FULL to EMPTY.

5. And on the Old New Year, Vladimir managed to American Sip the Smirnoff 26er half way down in a single blow. Representing all proud Russian and alcoholics, everywhere.

6. Waking up, Denny instinctively grabbed the bottle of mixed liquor, the contents for which he did not know. And then he American Sip'd the fucker down to wash the taste of old marijuana and hooker spit away. As a consequence of his action he went fucking blind - but hey, if it's in a bottle, it's drinkable.
by Jimbothy January 13, 2008
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