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A country that is accused of being rednecks, hippies, and fat bastards, and total complete idiots. Think about this though if we were idiots could i actually type like this without spelling mistakes, could we have some of the most powerful companies on the face of the earth, could we have one of the most powerful armed forces on the face of the earth. The government spends over 425 billion dollars a year on the US military, for training and weapons and some people wil have their opinions about that but its to protect us. Their budget surpasses some small countries. For example if we were idiots and fatasses would we have been able to do what we have done?, the internet, th atomic bomb, the space shuttle, services for the poor. Somebody tell me if im wrong common.
how many countries, people, cultures and ither things have we saved from certain anhillation? All the people from other countries on this website who talk about us have either have never been here or are just being prejudice and formulating opinons (cough...britian or other european countries) without us you would either be communist or nazi. We win every conflict we engage in that cant be said about most other nations.

Why do brits spell tire like tyre?
by USA IS BETTER THAN U June 29, 2005
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