1. To freeload or bum off of friends, with the assumption that you never have to carry any form of payment again, ever.
Guy 1: Dude, can you pick up the beers? I'm a little short.

Guy 2: What the fuck? I paid last time!!

Guy 1: I forgot my wallet, but I do, fortunately, have my America's Guest Card.


Guy 1: What's with Jack? He never pays.

Guy 2: He's America's Guest.
by J. Carl December 14, 2006
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(1)To freeload, mooch, or borrow with little to no expectation of repayment.

(2) To fall back-assward into good fortune with little-to-no hard work
Mark: Dude, how come Anthony never buys beers?
Jim: Because he's America's guest.

Mark: How did Anthony get a free meal from his boss? He's a totally slacker.
Jim: I'm pretty sure he whipped out his America's Guest Card.
by J. Carl December 18, 2006
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