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Ameesha is a wonderful girl who is always super honest. She will be tell the truth about everything in a funny way. Example: "I had to shave my legs because I could physically see the hairs growing on them and I didn't want to make you cry".
She is also fun, loyal, caring and super smart.

She can get mad if you waste stuff so probs best u don't chuck a EOS lip balm on the floor in front of her and leave it there cuz it's dirty...
She also remembers literally everything anyone tells her and will bring it up like 2 years later.
"Ameesha it's dirty I don't want to use it anymore !"
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Being of beauty. Bubbly and bright personal. Is very good in bed. An excellent love maker. Is a goddess of sex and beauty.
Man: Took a girl home last night and man she was an Ameesha.
by Prometheus1010101 November 21, 2013
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