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The lowest form of animal life; they are the arseholes who use the law in ways for which it was not intended. Some of these scumbags, quite literally, follow ambulances carrying people, involved in traffic accidents, to hospital in order to get them to make a claim against the other party involved. In Britain, these bastards use human rights law to prevent paedophile rapists from being deported back to their country of origin. They’re the ones who act on behalf of terrorists to pursue damages against troops who were doing their duty under incredibly difficult circumstances. Why do they do it? For money, they cynically exploit the law that is supposed to protect people to make themselves rich. They are vermin and should be treated as such.
“An online petition has been set up to make it legal to kill ambulance chasing lawyers!”
“Where do I sign?”
by AKACroatalin September 01, 2016
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