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AmbidexSnoozer - Someone who has no preference to sleeping on the right or left side of a bed and switching sides feels equally correct and comfortable. This is similar to an ambidextrous person, where left or right handedness coexists equally.

Most people in a married or boyfriend/girlfriend relationship have a preference for which side of the bed they sleep on. The reasons may range from habit to superstition. Regardless of reason, switching sides with their partner is rare.
New relationship examples -

(Typical) -
Him - Hey Meredith, I get the right side!!
Her - Oh....but that's MY side!!
Him - Whaaat??

(AmbidexSnoozer - either him or her)

Her - What side do you sleep on, Honey?
Him - Doesn't matter to me!
Her - Sweet!!
by Steve & Sarah's Dad:) July 22, 2018
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