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Its the same as a Hot Richard, except during the spoon position with the female party, when you are all cosey after savaging her beaten up gash, she queefs all over the man's tool. You will know when this is about to happen as the female vaginally inhales a pocket of air, which sounds like a sludgy sloppy vacuum cleaner put on reverse. The female will then commence to queef. It will make a similar sound to when you blow up a balloon and then let it go without tying it up. Ususally, and especieally after a session, a load of sludge and other offal from the walls of the female's minge will spew all over your unsuspecting dick and balls.
Man: oh no, oh no, oh no youuu don'....

Woman: (blubber squelch blubber blubber squelch)

Man:...'t... you filthy slut, you just gave me an Amazonian Sleeping Bag, and now my dick and balls are covered in sticky sludge...

Guy1: So, i had just smashed the shit out of this dirty slosh pot and was settling down to a cosey spoon, when suddenly the bitch queefed all over my first in command.

Guy2: She didn't did she!?

Guy1: Yes, she did, she gave me an Amazonian sleeping bag.

Guy2: Jesus christ! Are you ok?
by DerekBlazzo April 03, 2009
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