Fun children's computer game in which the player attempts to navigate from the base of the Amazon River to a lost Incan city in Peru. Occasionally, Amazon Trail was put onto elementary school computers. However, Oregon Trail (another good game) was more prominent in schools, and therefore remains more famous today.
Amazon Trail required far more attention than Oregon Trail, as the user always had to navigate the canoe to avoid capsizing. In Oregon Trail, the wagon traveled to the next landmark with no difficulties, except for the occasional broken axle.
by Diggity Monkeez April 24, 2005
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A computer game based in elementary school classrooms where students attempt to fill up a covered wagon with stuff they bought at
This should not be confused with the Amazon Trail of Tears which is what happens the month after you shop at Amazon and your credit card bills come in.
He bought all kind of crap then went on the Amazon Trail. Then ended up on the Amazon trail of Tears.
by Andrew Lentini April 27, 2005
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