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A woman defined as the object girls only hope to attain to. She is amazing on the phone and in person in conversation. She is amazing on the dance floor and in bed. She is amazingly professional when needed and amazingly insane when called for. She somehow gets everything done while still being amazingly lazy. She will make you laugh out loud and then give you goosebumps and make you cry over something tender and sentimental. She is generous and selfish at all the right times. Bottom line, she is amazing to know and be around.
Have you met Casie? OMG she's such an AMAZAWOMAN! I wish I were her friend.

Did you see how she handled that? Only an AMAZAWOMAN could handle that dude....he is crushed!!

Oh hunny...didn't you know? You won't win this argument with me cause I'm an AMAZAWOMAN.
by jayjayjennnay February 05, 2011
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