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The definition of beautiful! She is ULTRA funnny and talented in ways most people will never know! She is really, really smart and is shy sometimes but over all probably the best girlfriend ever! She has beautiful hair, and a winning smile :) She will never break a promise and will ALWAYS have your back! You would be lucky to have her, always keeping you happy.
"Did Amatullah help you with that? She is such an Amazing person!"
"Amatullah I love you!"
"Your the best Amatullah How can I ever repay you?"
by notyourregularbitchalwayspimpi November 17, 2012
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In Arabic, a female worshiper (amat-) of God, Allah (-ullah).

Similar to Abdullah which means a male worshiper (abd-) of God, Allah (-ullah).

Both Amatullah and Abdullah could be used as given names and could also, however rarely, be used to respectfully address unknown persons.
- Assalamu alaikum, I'm looking for my friend Amatullah (Abdullah), have you seen her (him)?
- Excuse me, amatullah (abdullah), could you please tell me the way to the nearest bus-stop?
- A true amatullah (abdullah) will maintain a good heart.
by Blacjac711 February 12, 2017
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A wannabe with horse-like hair. Also, everyone thinks she's angel when she really is a devil-like bitch.
Dude, that backstabbing, boyfriend stealing, heart- breaking retard is acting like amatullah!
by 3-21-10 March 21, 2010
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