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Having all of the properties of a prostitute except receiving no pay for their services. Thus retaining their status to compete in the slut Olympics. Their passion for their sport and disregard for monetary gains or personal health are an inspiration to aspiring whores and preteen make-out bandits everywhere.
example 1
guy 1: dude, that must have been one expensive night.

guy 2: No, that girl wasn't pro, she's still an amateurstitute. Only cost me a cab ride home and most of my dignity...

example 2

guy to locker room: Man, there was no distinguishing that amateurstitute from an "A" list porn star she did e-v-r-y-thing. I'm talking Dog in a bathtub, donkey punch, Cleveland steamer and I finished with an angry pirate!
by Big Pasta September 10, 2009
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