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Amary’e is a thick lil thang that will stay by your side regardless of what y’all got going on. She is very loud but quiet when she doesn’t know you ,determined and very funny. She very intimidating to strangers due to her RBF. She can look like the meanest person in the world but once you talk to her her whole face lights up. Once you get to know her, She is a big teddy bear who won’t fail to make you feel some type of way. Her sarcasm and humor brightens up ur day along with her gorgeous smile.She is very intelligent and sweet. However, a smart ass mouth. Don’t try her unless you want your feelings hurt.Once you start something, it’s not going to end till she gets the last word.
“Amarye is so fried. She damn near the funniest person i ever met.”

“On me she is”
by biebergotthejuice October 28, 2018
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amarye is a loyal friend and will always stick by you
he is seen as handsome and trustworthy and is always there when you need him

he is a whiz with the ladies and always makes them smile
by amelia is fiya October 15, 2018
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Amarye is a person who lives by loyalty and doesn't really care who does or doesn't like him
He started by himself and has no problem finishing alone either. "He's a lone wolf"
He stays loyal but always finds himself heart broken but never fears to love again
"Who's that sad kid over there"
"Oh it's just Amarye, it's alright he'll be happy just now"
by Steven "Matthew" Johnson June 07, 2017
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