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Amallahs are VERY DANGEROUS. If you happen to find an Amallah, be careful. You will find Amallah's in their usual habitat, wooden_server. Behavior of an Amallah is crazy. Good tactics to avoid an Amallah attack is throwing a Big Mac on the street, you may be able to take out about 1/4 of the Amallahs, but some Amallahs are wise. To get rid of them, take the Alpha Amallah's computer and place it on your driveway. Then get in your car and get the Amallahs outside. Before the Alpha Amallah can act, run the computer over. The Amallahs may go into anaphylactic shock. You may find that some Amallahs have survived. These Amallahs are usually found in an mad state. When you spot a Super-Amallah, take precaution, these Amallahs are deadly. One keyboard-smash may cause death. Do not try to attack a Super-Amallah head-on, be stealthy and call your local Amallah Control. If you do not have time to call Amallah Control, find a computer as quick as you can, download minecraft. The Amallah will become very distracted, but if there is more than one Amallah, they will need to play also. Amallahs are extremely inpatient. Amallah defenses is to take off his shirt. The Amallah will become extremely mad, if you have time, run as fast as you can. Then Amallah weighs about 14000 tons, they are slow but deadly, you will most likely outrun the Amallah. Amallahs may call for backup using the Amallah Cry also known as logging into minecraft and calling other admins from wooden_server.
Amallah (Extra Terrestrial)
by Zachy64 October 08, 2011
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