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Amalexia is a fictional character in the game The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. She is one of the three "living gods" of the Tribunal Temple

Due to her eventual descent into insanity, she withdrew from the public eye. Vivec also reveals that he feared that she would attempt to murder him; his fears are confirmed, for she eventually kills Sotha Sil in his "Clockwork City", and proclaims her intent to dispose of Vivec next. When the Nerevarine comes to Mournhold, Almalexia asks him/her to do a number of tasks for her so that she can strengthen her hold of the city. Almalexia devises a plan to destroy the Nerevarine, Sotha Sil, and Vivec, in an attempt to seize power as the sole living God in Morrowind. She stages an attack on the city of Mournhold, and lies to the Nerevarine by telling him that Sotha Sil has gone insane and needs to be stopped. The Nerevarine goes to Sotha Sil's Clockwork City to stop him, but he discovers that Sotha Sil is already dead. Almalexia appears before him/her and explains that she did not intend the Nerevarine to survive, but to become a martyr to the people of Mournhold. She reveals that she killed Sotha Sil with the aid of an artefact that the Nerevarine himself had unwittingly procured for her.
Can also be used to describe a beautiful woman driven to insanity by the lust for power and the wish to destroy anyone who would dare get in her way
e.g. That Maria is a real Amalexia...
by Crazy Godess July 11, 2009
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