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Alyxszandra is quite possibly the best spinoff of the common name: Alexandra. If the name isn't any indication Alyxszandras are bad spellers. They are extremely athletic and can brighten anyone's day. Despite being sexy as hell and having looks that could make Mila Kunis jealous she is typically very sweet and kind. Being as kind as she is sexy, usually leads to various heart shaped baked goods and balloons on her doorstep. However, if you cross anyone she loves or cares about you might as well disappear forever or she will find you. Alyxszandras are usually really good with people and languages, it's like being around the Rosetta Stone. People of her kind usually come in a set of three and she usually has an alcoholic beverage as part of her middle name, they are typically made in Russia.
Nicknames can include: Alyxis, Lexis, Lexus, Lexi, Aly, SexxLexx, Sexi Lexi, LeeLee, and many more.
That girl is so funny she could be an Alyxszandra.There's Alyxszandra lookin hot as hell.
by Kingblackdude August 05, 2011
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