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An Alx Cluke is a type of person who is very strange. He is taller and skinnier than the average male, and often times an Alx Cluke will have a micropenis.

He likes to have erotic obsessions with things the average human takes for granted, e.g stationary and the animal kingdom. He can usually be bipolar and will turn sourer than a young straight male in a lemon party.

An Alx Cluke finds it difficult to attract females and/or males, and if he does, will often act awkwardly to the point of cringeworthiness.

Everybody has an Alx Cluke in their friendship group.
Person 1: "Who's that awkward guy trying to impress this lass with his stationary collection?"
Person 2: "That's my mate Alx Cluke. Don't offend him because he'll get mad straight away."
by Tom691738 June 14, 2018
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