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The most awesome word ever to describe something awesome!
#1: This day was totally ALVO!

#2: Hey, dude! You are ALVO!
by alvodude August 21, 2010
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known to be a loving and caring person some people can say she's a succubus , she a joyful person who makes people laugh there's nothing that can hurt her she a unbreakable person . She is a mind master she plays mind trick to anyone she wants.
Person 1: Alvo may be happy and all but shes a mind tricker be carful
Person 2 : come on Alvo's so loving and caring she can't do no harm
Person 1 : that's what she wants you to think.
by Hitthatcow254 November 11, 2018
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A Mexican transvestite run brothel well know for promoting live "llama vs he-she" shows
Haydn likes to regularly visit the Alvos
by lhughez October 19, 2015
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