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A small town in New Hampshire. Located on Lake Winnepesuake. There is also nothing to do there. Pretty much, it's where you can get McDonalds, shop at Hannahford's go to one of the hardware stores, or buy an expensive off-road vehicle that you'll regret buying later. Maybe you'll go for a swim in the highly polluted lake? Seriously, go down to the bottom and have a look. You'll find thing's such as: Bikes, Toilets, Porta-potties, Sinks, Showers. And I wouldn't recommend touching the bottom becuase, well we'll just say it sucks. The cops there have nothing better to do than hunt you down for going 5 miles over the speed limit. When the kids from Alton are in an actual city, they seem socially retarded.
Person 1: Hey, geuss where my family is going for vacation.
Person 2: Where?
Person 1: Alton NH...
Person 2: Bro, I'm so sorry.
Person 1: I know right??? FML.
by #LoSeR# November 30, 2011
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For a small town it sure has allot of assholes. The town is run by select board and town manager that does not give a shit about the town, only their own egos. But wait, the fire department is a bunch of douche bags that think they are hero's, but in reality couldn't save a penny, much less a home or person.
This small town is also afflicted with flat landers that come up from Massachusetts and think they own the place. Fucking stay home assholes
Alton NH sucks
by Tru Patriot July 15, 2015
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