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Altertexting: verb or adjective. A texting (or Instant Messaging) conversation where two separate lines of conversation are going on simultaneously in an alternating fashion as texters switch back and forth from one topic to another and back again. This alternating subject matter is generally initiated by nearly simultaneous texts from both texting parties on different topics but then carry through in an extended conversation as each answers the other and then incorporate their own replies both to the other textor's line of thought and their own original topic. This "altertexting" can occur in any real time social media by cell phone or computer. This does not include actual real time voice conversation.
Subject #1: Did you go to the baseball game?
Subject #2: Saw a car I REALLY liked today.
Subject #1: Really, what kind?
Subject #2: Yeah, we lost.
Subject #1: Did you see anyone we know?
Subject #2: It was a Ford Mustang.
Subject #1: Old or new?
Subject #2: Yeah, I ran into someone you know!!!
Subject #1: WHO WAS IT???
Subject #2: A really old Mustang but it was in great condition.
by Alfa Geek August 29, 2013
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