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Altamont, IL is located 12 miles west of Effingham, Il on Interstate 70 or 88 miles east of St. Louis. The town was basically founded by Germans about 150 years ago, and German heritage can be seen all throughout town. Basically a wanna-be Effingham, IL with slightly less people. More famously known for hosting the Effingham County Fair. The town has a reputation of thinking they are better than the neighboring towns of St. Elmo, Beecher City, and Brownstown even though they are just as average as any other small town. The town is about 99% white and most teenagers listen to rap music, and think they are gangsters or prominant high school athletes (until the real world hits). Teenage beer parties seen to be the only thing in town for high schoolers. Altamont thinks its just as successful as top high school sports programs like Teutoplois or Effingham, but in reality they resemble Stew-Stras, St. Elmo, or Beecher City in althletic ability.

Interestingly, the nicest people you will find in town are those who have moved in Altamont (not originally from Altamont) or the lower middle class individuals who do not own a prominant busniness in town or carry a prominant job. It seems like about 20% of the town, controls most of its wealth.

Most residents of Altamont, IL continue to use the communication method of "gossip" to tell about all the misfortunes and breaking news in town.
A-Town usually reserved for rap capital Atlanta, GA, however Altamont, IL has used this to describe itself (although most people familar with the rap scene would agree that Atlanta and Altamont have nothing in common).

Schuetzenfest excuse given to get drunk in town and call it a "holiday"
by local_resident_of_the _area December 20, 2010
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