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(Noun) Alrik- Someone who chuckles when they see a dead body and doesn't know why. Slugs down whiskey when people are trying to get his attention, and generally doesn't care about your feelings.

(n.) Alrik - Chick magnet, one who attracts females but can't keep them. Specifically who doesn't listen to their own subconscious warnings concerning the opposite sex.

Essentially making Alrik a name, yes, but mostly a term for those who display an amazing amount of apathy, yet are insanely guilty about it. Drinking themselves further into denial.
Alrik kicked the man in the balls hard and as the man dropped to a knee, Alrik jammed his .45 in the poor man's eye. "Say goodnight, dick", he quipped rather uncomically, then pulled the trigger.

Man 1: I know you mean well, but everyone else thinks your an ass!
Alrik: So? *drinks booze, ends discussion*

Girl: OMG you're so dark and mysterious, wanna come to my place?
Alrik: Duh!
*2 months later*
Girl: And don't forget to pick up my tampons when you go out! I'm busy watching TV...and lazy."
Alrik: ...*cocks .45*
by HiroGuy February 03, 2010
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A great friend and listener. Hottt and thats an understatement. Has a massive cock and knows how and when to use it. Always loaded and ready to whip it out when good times arise.
Hes hung like Alrik
by charlie96 February 05, 2010
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