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(aka, sh-t test)

The obstacle course women run potential mates through before surrending into a love-leash. The test ensures sexual attraction and respect will always be there towards her mate over the long run.

Power Testing is a series of rigorous tests of a man's higher brain function/self-control. (The higher brain is sparked by sexual attraction and fueled by emotional attraction.)

Power Testing is an effective way to separate the mature alpha men from the boys. Testing is performed early on in a relationship in the 'attraction stage', which usually lasts up to one month under normal dating conditions.
Amy tosses out an Alpha Male Power Test at Allen by giving him a hard time. She does something she knows Allen won't like. Amy tries to be serious during testing because she doesn't want Allen to realize he's being tested. Shhh. :x

If Allen loses his cool and fails the test by calling Amy derogatory names. Amy's level of sexual attraction to Allen will hit blacktop, sending him straight to the orange coned-off area called the Friend Zone. :\

As you can see, Amy *is* pretty smart and she enjoys this process, thoroughly! :>
by NoWorries^BeHappyNow January 14, 2013
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