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A special kind of internet troll who is most likely an atheist or doesn't believe in god but insists on using a username associated with godly or satanic names or IRL is a reverend or other holy title.

But is in overall a complete nutjob and believes in everything that has been proven to be false, including the illuminati and the whole 2012/end of the world theories.

Has really poor grammar and tries to call others out by getting them to read a dictionary when he/she is the one that needs it more than the people they are antagonising.

Often mixes in troll slang and usage of words like fairy and the like as insults.

Also...fails to get words right and never uses capital letters. When he/she is trying to come across as sane in contrast as to how crazy his/her victims are they flat out fail and end up as the delusional ones instead.
"Oh god...what is HeavenlyArcAngel doing now?"

"He's going on about 2012 again."

"The Almighty Nutjob is at it again, I see."

"I wish he would just shut up."
by MM132 August 17, 2012
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