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before engaging in sexual intercourse you pour French's mustard, FRENCH'S only then you apply it with the tip of your nose on the womans vagina while slightly moving upwards and collecting a handful of dingleberries which are forcibly plugged into the females ears to the point where they can't hear, after the male dips his penis in hott salsa and penetrates the female's eye sockett pushing her eyeball back (only to be done on left eye) then the female rests her tongue on the male's gooch while she sprinkles pepper on his genitals and continues to lick it up until clean at which point the male inserts his penis in the womans anus and licks her sweaty armpits. All of which must be done while the female has one hand tied behind her back, hoping in circles on one leg.....while on fire! After the male pulls her hair up imitating a troll doll and punches her straight in the nose causing the blood to rub in with his semen in and around her mouth!
-Dude did you try the almighty magical rickster on your girl for your anniversary?
-yea dude
-so what happened?
-she is currently in intensive care for 2nd degree burns, waiting for an eye donation and just yesterday she was able to sit without ripping the 69 stitches that were given to her anus.
-oh so pretty good i guess
by ricky_pro July 10, 2008
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