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Alliepaparos, are rare, but can be distinguished by many distinct features such as the ability to:
Be uniquely spelchigi, wowsome, wowmazing, funny, crazy, weird, cool, and just beautiful
Convince themself they are flubby even though everyone can see they obviously aren't. If you are reading this and find yourselves in these situations but still believe you are flubby, chances are you are an Alliepaparo.
Enjoys reading, pixiestixs, cherry blossoms, and strawberry swing... hates stinkbugs and sushi
Extremely trustworthy
Hair resembles that of a soft, baby porcupine
Common aspirations of an Alliepaparo:
Help Cambodian orphanages
Tickle a blowfish
Learn to sneak out
Partake in various illegal activities involving pixie stixs
Did you know Alliepaparos have even sexier singing voices than Eric Zhuang?
by lastnameswereabadidea... November 14, 2011
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