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righteous under the torah and koran. This assrape is not only for personal pleasure, but is also for "allah" and the jihad. Similar to the "Metal dan" this religious enforced intercourse is very sacred to activist groups like hamas, taliban, and albert queda. Usually occurs and practiced bye taliban village elders in middle eastern countries such as "Ifuckuassistan" and Indian provinces near the Hindu KUSH like the monk town "Chedduhfrumunduh" and also seen in the the famous 1940's movie "Reise de Meine Fuhrer: Un, Babuh Heitler."
Guy 1: "allah akbar!" *explosions*
Guy2: "Allah ASSRAPPPPEEEEEE!" *different type of explosion penetrating a goats colon*

Charlotte: "hugh your Allah AssRape is amazing"
Hugh: "yea dude...i know.. i learned from the best
by slimydorritoballs December 02, 2011
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