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A real man. A crew chief. A dude that gets shit done, fixes jets, drinks more beer than you, cusses, spits everywhere. A dude not scarred of work and 12+ hours in any weather although scheduled for a 8 hour shift. One of the dirtiest mother fuckers you've ever met. Smells of JP8/OIL/HYD FLUID, yet still pulls pussy. Dirty minded and can beat the shit out of any pilot or Jackass Pro Super. The person called upon to "UNFUCK" a jet. The only aircraft maintainer that matters. Leader of the flight line and Air Force. Someone who everybody else works for. The Boss.
We can't fix this jet, better call out an All Purpose Gurilla a.k.a. Crew Chief, a.k.a. the only person that can unfuck this jet
by mattm0627 December 03, 2010
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