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Beautiful individual, loud, embarrassing, honest, funny, great story teller, confidence, loveable, kind, motherly, crazy, fizzy hair, tan, big blown eyes- Gorgeous. The easiest person you would very speak too, but also the most embarrassing person EVER! She will always help you when you are in need, but beware she can be very very LOUD. Great singer and and dancer, popular with all ages, always in the spot light, loves taking photographs but never in them- But when she is she is in the middle "The Spot Light", model legs everyone is always jealous of her long tan legs. A complainer always has something to whin about, hates mess, smart, "good at English" and a down to Earth person. Loves the letter A and the number 7 and very superstitious. Outgoing.
Teacher: Who is that person yelling?
Student: Yelling no that's just Alfia.

Alfia: Sorry Miss I was telling a story about my fish ’It drowned yesterday, it was tragic'

Boy: Damn who's that girl her legs are Amazing?
Other Boy: That would be my girlfriend... Alfia.
by James. Bond August 18, 2013
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