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A beautiful girl inside and out,she's an extraordinary person.Everyone loves her.She would be the person you go to if you need a hug,or just a laugh.She's a great friend.If you knew her,you'd be lucky.If she's being bullied,she won't let it bother her.Boys usually do anything to impress her,but she won't be so nieeve.She is an extraordinary person.
Naomi:Did you hear about the new girl?
Micalea:Yeah,I think her name is Alexandra Nguyen.
Naomi:She's really cool.
Micalea:I know right?
by Queen_Of_Hearts October 27, 2014
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Little girl who thinks she's fat and doesn't understand how to do exponents very well. Cheats on Algebra 1 homework which is fairy easy. Procrastinates on webcam probably tumblr-ing. Thinks 100*1000 = 100000. Can also be named "Alex". Also thinks she's a big girl and doesn't like being considered "little".
Alexandra Nguyen go do your homework you little girl!

Stop procrastinating Alex!
by iLikeCrawfish April 16, 2012
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