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A suburb next to Ballajura and Marangaroo (Perth, Western Australia) that is a really boring place where most of the suburb is filled with old people, little kids and dogs and most of the teenagers are nerds. e.g Alex Pan.
The only exciting place is Green Park because of the deli that is easy to steal from and the park is easy to get drugs and the adults buy you smokes. Another thing to do when you're bored is go to Highview Park and play inside the ditch are inside the fenced area which has holes cut on the fence.
There are some fancy looking houses but filled with old people and little kids. Lots of teenagers go to Green Park just to get stoned. The area is so posh that you can get chased by an old Asian man for spitting on his property as you walk by.
Guy 1 : Ayy cuzz wanna go Alexander Heights ways?
Guy 2 : Yeah buthert only at Greenie green park

Guy 1 : Yeah brother, we'll steal some shit from the deli. The old asian prick keeps following everyone though.
Guy 2 : Fuck him. We'll find some adultd to buy us smokes ay?
Guy 1 : Churr.
by niggabitchfuckshit September 13, 2012
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