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A suburb in Perth, Western Australia, full of gangs of teenagers who have nothing better to do than terorise other gangs, and vandalise.

The teenagers in Balljura have even adapted their own language which is recognised by teenagers from other suburbs. Words such as buthert, and phrases containing words which english teachers hate are used in their sentences all the time.

People in Ballajura are called Ballajuriens, by other teenagers. Seeing as they have their own language, a name had to be created, thus the name Ballajuriens was created.

At night, most teenagers in Ballajura hang out in parks and on the streets during the weekend, getting drunk, and stoned.

In Ballajura the key to not getting beaten up is knowing the right people. When being confronted by a 'mob' of people with poles and bricks, just 'drop some names' and you should be fine.
Example 1.

Words :
Buthert: Brother, Bro.

Phrases :
"You best not get cheeky" - You better not get cheeky.
"Come Ballajura ways" - Come to Ballajura.

Example 2:

"Come Kingfisher" - Kingfisher is one of many popular parks in Ballajura frequently patrolled by police.

Example 3:

mob : " Look theres a person we don't know, lets mob him!!
Person: " Nah i know.. ( drop some names )
mob : " Nah you right you right!"
by YouRight March 26, 2011
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