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This word is used to describe the very endangered species found only in the caribbean. This type of animal normally resembles a large house rat or a minature donkey. They are normally short tempered animals which attack at random and are always in bad moods we warn all persons to approach with care- these self centred and egotistical little creatures are very dangerous....CAUTION. As aging progresses they go through a molting period where they they become increasingly unbearable as they begin to mutate into the the late stages where they then resemble nothing ever seen before it is a sight to behold and this type of horrid discription is not allowed on this site...

''Oh my God that boy looked like an Aleron''

''My mother killed an Aleron behind the stove yesturday''

''ahhhhhh that Aleron just bit me''

''When are they going to get rig of this Aleron infestation??''

''your moma looks like an Aleron''
by your moma and your grandmother February 16, 2009
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