A guy with a huge dick, loves anime girls and addicted to first person shooter.
hi i am Aleo
by duncanisgay69 June 12, 2021
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1. to be stupid or retarded (used mostly in Africa).

2. Aleo can also be short for the pasta named Aglio E Olio, otherwise known as Aglio Olio.
1. Dude, stop being a prick, you're aleo.

2. Wanna go grab lunch? I'm craving Aleo
by asdf;klj September 19, 2019
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Aleo is nice person to love and he always cares those who also cares .he'll do anything for those who cares him good kisser.aleo the persons who got these names they are also got so much anger in him so try to handle those guys with love and care. if you got one aleo in your life don't let him go

It's also meant for Leo
Because am leo and my brother is aleo
by God of thoughts January 1, 2022
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