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Alemka is a very loving and caring person, even if she doesn’t show it that often. She is a bit nervous and sometimes leaves things for the last minute. Alemka is usually very slow at anything she does. Alemka is very adaptable and flexible. She loves meeting new people and it is not a problem for her to approach them. Alemka has lots of insecurities and always compares herself with others. She will always keep her feelings and secrets to herself. She doesn’t want other people to know about her sorrow. Alemka is the best friend to have, and will never stop loving you. She is sometimes clumsy. Alemka is very smart and positive. She will take any risk. She doesn’t worry to much about things other people would freak out about. Alemka is laughable, sweet, and cheerful. With her, you will always be in an adventure that you’ll never forget. She will always be there when you need her.
Remember that time Alemka did this crazy thing...
by Jorge kudovagis June 12, 2018
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