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Loyal, funny, beautiful, confident, outgoing..all the words to describe an Aleesiah. Aleesiah is a girl that can never be replaced.She has one of the best personalities and is also very gorgeous. She is someone who will give the best advice and no matter what will be there by your side through it all. Whether you need a should to cry on, or you just need to laugh Aleesiah is the girl for you. Any boy that sees and knows her will fall for her by the snap of a finger. If it's an Instagram picture or not you'll wonder,how can someone be so pretty? She does not judge and she is a friend to everyone she talks to. She is one of the weirdest people you will meet, but in a good way. When you are down or someone hurt you she will go out of her way to cheer you up and threaten to beat up the person that put you down. Everyone wants to be her friend. If you have that chance to be her friend or a very close friend of hers, try not to ruin it because that is a chance in a lifetime that you don't want to lose. She is also a great comedian and is very goofy, she will make you laugh even when you are really upset with her. So if you know an Aleesiah, you sure are one of the luckiest people. Make sure you don't to anything lose her.
You're the best, Aleesiah!

omg, Aleesiah is one of the prettiest people I have seen!!

is that an Aleesiah??!
by Jesenia Wolfgram July 13, 2018
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1: Dude, I just walked in on my parents.
2: Have some Brain Bleach!
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