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Aleeha is a very gorgeous, smart, humorous person. She loves to hang out with people. People named Aleeha are usually self obsessed and crazy for people they love. They are also religious. Aleeha is a nice and adorable person, anybody would fall for her. They are usually shy. And make some decisions that they actually don't want to. They are stupid and dumb sometimes.
Person 1 "Hey can you see that beautiful lady?"

person 2 "aleeha?"
Person 1 "yes. She is such an Aleeha."
by Someone900 January 22, 2015
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the most amazing, sexiest, greatest, hottest, funny, kinda pervy but legit person in the world. she is bit of a bitch and likes to mess with people mind. hard to keep entertained.
omg, i wish i could be and aleeha
by chingchonglong November 29, 2011
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